Wonderly Contract Draperies
At WCD Custom Draperies and Window Coverings, we are all about customer service and complete customer satisfaction. Whoever you may speak with on our staff will make sure your questions are answered and that your call is directed to the best possible person. We hope the following chart will also serve to make this task a bit easier, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Christin Davis Customer Service cdavis@wcd-drapery.com
Nicole Michael Customer Service nmichael@wcd-drapery.com
Pete Pelletieri Quoting ppelletieri@wcd-drapery.com
Kalea Cabrera Quoting kcabrera@wcd-drapery.com
Charlene Holdridge Purchasing choldridge@wcd-drapery.com
Cliff Sedlak Motorization/Hardware csedlak@wcd-drapery.com
Pat Masten Production Workroom Manager pmasten@wcd-drapery.com
Rebecca Schell Accounting rschell@wcd-drapery.com
Su Wonderly Human Resources swonderly@wcd-drapery.com
Drew Wonderly President/Owner dwonderly@wcd-drapery.com